1981 Inner Sanctum

1983 The Light of Tao

1985 Angel Love

1986 Majesty

1990 Love in the Wind

1990 The Other Side of the Rainbow

1991 The Journey Home

1994 Angels of the Heart (formerly Colours of the Heart)

1995: Echoes of Tomorrow (Anthology Collection)

1994 Light at Mt Fuji

1998 Angel's Touch

1998 Colors of the Heart

1998 The Seven Chakras

1999 The Best of Aeoliah (Anthology Collection)

2000: ACTIVATING YOUR CHAKRAS through the Light Rays 2 CD Set (Guided Meditation w/music)

2000 Angel Love for Children

2000 Bliss (Music for Spas)

2000 The Reiki Effect Aeoliah & Mike Rowland

2000 Sanctuary of Rejuvenation (Music for Spas)

2001 Serene  (Music for Spas)

2001 Zen Peace (Music for Spas)

2002 Healing Music for Reiki (Vol 1)

2002 The Reiki Effect 2 Aeoliah & Mike Rowland

2003 Healing Music for Reiki (Vol 2)

2003 J'Adore 

2004 Angel Love II

2004 Healing Music for Reiki (Vol 3)

2004 Healing Music for Reiki (Vol 4)

2005 Dolphin Serenade

2005 Realms of Grace

2007 Divinaura

2008 The Liquid Light of Healing

2010 Magnetizing Your True Love 2 CD Set (Guided Meditation w/music)

2010 Elixir Immortale

2011 A Drop of Buddha’s Tears

2013: Entranced

2014-2015: Ascended Victory Remastered

2015: Heal Your Life, Body, & Spirit (Guided Meditation w/music)

2015: Portals to Ascension DVD/BluRay

2015: Archangel Meditation with Solfeggio Frequencies (Guided Meditation w/music)

2015: Healing Medicine Buddha Mantra w/ Solfeggio Frequencies (Extended Play)

2016: Memories of Andalusia (Single mp3)

2016: On the Wings of Love (Single Mp3)

2016: Moola Mantra (Single Mp3)

2017: Ecstasy Trance (Single Mp3)

2017: Advaita Vedanta Mantra of Non-Duality (Single mp3)

2017: Sweet Dreams Solfeggio (Full Digital Album)

2017: Divine Bliss Moola Prayer (with Ashana & Aeoliah Single mp3)

2017: Sacred Mantras: A special collection of Mantras to Empower your Life (Full Digital Album)

2018: Ascended Master Light (Guided Meditation w/Music)  (2.5 hours Digital download or 2 CD Set)

2018: Ra Ma Da Sa Mantra (Digital album 30 min.)

2018: Tranquil Mind Vol. 1 TRANSCENSION (Digital album 30 min.)

2018: The Phoenix (Digital song 11min)