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    World-renowned composer of Angel Love, author, and artist, Aeoliah has produced over 40 recordings that are used by many health professionals around the world.  His mastery of sound and light inspires him to compose many diverse and rich musical compositions that continue to inspire, uplift,  and bring healing to millions of people around the world.








Aeoliah’s Mission Statement:


    “For over 30 years now, I have studied the effects that healing  sound vibrations have on our nervous system and how these affect the health of our emotions, physical body and  spirit. This allowed me to develop a unique  style of harmonic tones and sound frequencies that correspond to different parts of the body and brain, helping greatly to reduce stress and imbalances in the body and nervous system.

    I was able to create and perfect a very specialized harmonic sonic frequency  that is the quickest and most effective means  not only to de-stress, but to revitalize, harmonize, and rebalance our energy system mentally, emotionally, physically,  and spiritually. I was starting to get letters from hospitals, clinics, chiropractors, yoga teachers, massage therapists, wellness centers, spas, and many people in general stating how much this music was helping them in ways they have never experienced music before. Not only did they love the music, but it also touched their inner core and helped them dramatically in their healing process.

    Pure sound therapy at its best is music that helps us to retune and align our energy to more positive, uplifting sound vibrations that dramatically help reduce high levels of modern day stress and tension in our body, mind, and spirit. As these healing sound frequencies enter our bodies, they immediately begin to harmonize our emotions & perceptions  by activating the universal life force essence, also known by the ancient Chinese as ‘Chi’ energy. This helps to enhance the function of our immune system by  rebalancing and strengthening our endocrine & chakra system. It also helps to enrich our lives by allowing us to experience healthier feelings and thoughts. It helps shift our attention from the mundane world of habits, addictive behavior, overstimulation of the senses & media, to a world of inspired beauty, inner peace, harmony, love, and freedom. This is what inspires all my music.   

     The Music I compose is designed to create a sacred sonic environment for your inner journey and healing. Instead of filling up space with a bunch of sounds, the music creates an expanded sense of space and peace that enfolds and nurtures you. The music actually breathes and expands the space around you and within you,  allowing you to connect with your Innermost Presence and soul.“





    Born in Germany and raised in the United States since he was 10, Aeoliah first started making music as an teenager while playing the violin and the piano. He went on to graduate with honors with a degree in fine arts from the University of New Mexico in 1972. But it was in 1979 when creating his  painting "Music of the Spheres" where Aeoliah discovered his internal skills of creating music inspired by  the pure jewel tones  and hues of rainbow colors in that painting. This painting became his inspiration to create music that would become an expression of sound and light as an integrated art form. In the painting is a rendition of an Aeolian harp in the shape of a lyre, rendered with strings of light. This also inspired him to adopt his musical name, Aeoliah.   A year later he issued his first musical debut, "Inner Sanctum", and went on to release a variety of inspired albums throughout the next three decades.  

     All of his musical compositions are inspired from deep states of meditation and attunement to  a higher spiritual source.


         "Aeoliah’s ethereal textures have redefined new age music with their eclectic celestial hues of   classical arrangements.  After his first four musical releases, the mainstream took notice of Aeoliah.  His albums held a prominent place in major record chains and his chart-topping release ANGEL LOVE, became a favorite in Hollywood.  Marla Maples praised Angel Love, claiming its relaxing tones helped her through the 1993 pregnancy and birth of her first child, Tiffany Ariana Trump.  Hospitals and health professionals also seek solace in the peace found in Aeoliah’s music. Aside from composing, Aeoliah is also an artist & award-winning author, writing Awakening Your Inner Light and The Liquid Light of Healing written in 2013."                  
               ~ MacKenzie Wilson, ROVI  



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